Antica Azienda Agricola Peltuinum Srl follows the strict procedures required by the EU directive 95/46/UE (encompassed in Italy by the law known as D.L. 30/06/2003 n.196) for the treatment and storage of your personal data and for the protection of the consumer regarding online contracts, covered by the directive 97/7/CE (in Italy the D.L. 22/05/1999, n.185).


Managing Director, Mr Pier Paolo Visione, is responsible for the enforcement of the above-mentioned Act on behalf of Antica Azienda Agricola Peltuinum Srl. The data is processed via paper-based or electronic means and is managed and transmitted in an access-controlled environment.


The interested party may, at any time and by contacting Antica Azienda Agricola Peltuinum Srl by email at or by phone at +39 0862 62413, access his personal data, update, correct and integrate the details and generally exercise his rights as provided for in article 7 of the Italian Act D.L. 196/2003.


Personal information required for the purchase of and payment for goods are subject to the laws on the treatment of data. The personal information is communicated to suppliers of the goods and the delivery company with the sole purpose of fulfilling the order placed. The information is used for internal marketing purposes (the communication of promotional offers); the interested party can at any time opt out of receiving these messages by contacting our Customer Services.


The treatment of personal data as requested by Antica Azienda Agricola Peltuinum Srl is essential for the fulfilment of the contract. As this is the case, the provision of such data is compulsory; if the data is not provided then the order cannot be processed. The provision of non-compulsory information allows for a better quality of service and the provision of notification of special offers.


At the moment of registration, the data used for the free delivery of the newsletter is also subject to the treatment of personal data. The provision of such data is necessary for any advantages from promotional offers; if the data is not provided then the special offers cannot be made available.